Govinder Nazran Sculpture

We are delighted to offer you a number of stunning limited edition, hand painted resin sculptures by artist Govinder Nazran. Each piece is from an edition of 295. The striking black and red blocks of colours are characteristic of Nazran's creative process as are the cats which feature in this collection. We urge you to take this opportunity to enjoy these outstanding pieces from the Govinder Nazran sculpture collection.

Govinder Nazran was born in Birmingham in 1964 at two years old his family moved to Bradford. He was one of six children and from an early age showed a great love for people and a wish to meet as many as possible! As an adult he was disturbed to discover that the world was not as perfect as he had thought and that the human race was deeply divided by religious and cultural intolerance. The concept of difference and the nature of opposites are explored as a theme in his sculpture.

Nazran studied graphic design at both Bradford University and the Lincoln Art College. His artistic career led him to work as a children's book illustrator and later becomming a greetings cards designer. His career then moved in a new direction when he began life as an art director for fashion shoots. Eventually he decided to move away from such a hectic lifestyle and to focus on fine art including sculpture.

Govinder Nazran's first commercial success was a painting entitled ‘Cat Walk’. The limited edition prints of this work sold out on release and he never looked back. His paintings and sculptures of cats, dogs, elephants and horses and his abstract works have been savoured by collectors across the world.

His figurative sculptures are often composed of striking blocks of colour. Many of his animals feature in pairs as Nazran was emotionally affected by social divisions and portrayed them through his characters. Nazran was admired as a gentle man who loved the world and could not properly comprehend the hatred that he found in it. Sadly Govinder Nazran died in 2008 following an accident. His work continues to be much admired and collected and we are proud to showcase a range of his sculpture at Sculpture Gallery.

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