Bob Barker Sculpture

Born in Yorkshire in 1954, Bob Barker is an artist who boasts a dedicated following. He became a full-time artist comparatively late in life but his atmospheric and nostalgic pieces met with almost immediate success.

Inspired by his own life experiences, military history and the Yorkshire mill towns that informed his youth, Bob Barker’s creations are gritty yet uplifting. His solid bronze sculptures are no exception. We are pleased to present Bob Barker signed limited pieces to you and we are confident that you will find them captivating. Imbuing themes of considerable gravitas with humour and levity, Bob Barker creates work which enable you to consider the world from a whole new perspective.

About Bob Barker

Bob Barker had showed no interest in art until his mother gave him an oil painting set on the occasion of his twelfth birthday. She must have sensed a creative force in her son that he didn’t know he possessed. His mother worked at a local mill, a building which saw Bob develop a love for the ambiance of historic architecture. It wasn’t long before he began to nurture the ambition to become an artist. Art continued to be his hobby but he was to marry and have children. His family needed supporting, meaning that art took a back seat as he established his own media production company.

When Bob’s daughter took over the production company, he was able to realise his dream of becoming a full-time artist. In 2000, he began selling his work to local galleries and the interest in his pieces started to grow. The nostalgic feel of his paintings and his unique use of colour attracted the attention of collectors and he has never looked back.

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