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Diederik van Apple Sculptures

Diederik van Apple Sculptures

From an early age Diederik van Apple steeped himself in a wide ranging cultural education. From Disney cartoons to iconic films such as Scarface and and Pulp Fiction, Diederik's tastes do not just lie within the conventional bounds of academic or traditional art as such.

He instead has always taken influence from artists and creators who push on boundaries and defy customs with a playful and joyous energy, in whatever mode these artists are working. This makes him a fan of work from figures from the Pop Art movement like Andy Warhol, as well as Salvador Dali and, in the present day, Banksy.

Pop cultural sculpture

Diederik's inventive eye for where pop culture meets art was everywhere apparent from his first mixed media collection in 2017. Selling out immediately, this collection announced Diederik van Apple onto the European art scene as a name to remember. He has since gone on to become a global phenomenon, with the Diederik van Apple Turtle being at the heart of his success. These golden Peace Turtles feature strikingly decorated shells, serving as a site of expression for Diederik's love for art and culture.

Passion for the world

Running through Diederik's work is two things. The first is a vibrant internationalism. He has travelled worldwide and worked in many different scenes, from the traditional to the avant garde. This much is always captured in his art. Diederik's Peace Turtles are great examples of this love of life in a global sense, as they feature flags and designs which span the same amount of miles that the sculptor himself has travelled.

Positive and joyful

The second thing which makes his Golden Peace Turtles series characteristic of his style and outlook on life is its overarching positivity. Promoting a loving message of peace, these turtles encapsulate the deeper intention of Diederik's sculpted art. At the same time, this message is not conveyed in a severe way, but instead is promoted in an exuberant, fun and lighthearted style. This combination of heart and fun, when fed through a rich field of cultural references, is what makes Diederik van Apple's work so appealing.

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