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Ed Rust Sculptures

Based in East Riding in Yorkshire, Ed Rust is a highly skilled technician when it comes to the medium of sculpture. Having studied at Batley Art College, he came to love inspirational artists such as Barbara Hepworth. But then his creative journey is just as much felt as studied. This is something which makes his art all the more precious, and perhaps tells us a little bit about the reasons behind the distinctiveness of his style. Lots of people can learn the craft, but it is a particular and personal passion which often sets the best apart, and this is something which comes through in the story behind Ed Rust's work.

A personal style

Ed Rust's sculptures have a rawness and a humour that seems deeply personal, and this is because he started developing his style simply through playing around with odd bits of galvanized wire that he would find lying around at home. These were just passion projects, little ideas that took form in an organic and natural way, and which retained their warmth and humanity when turned into mini sculptures. But the big surprise for Ed was that, when he showed them to his friends, they loved them.

Humour and warmth

So, from starting off just crafting these figures at home in a very DIY manner, they then started to find an audience in galleries, and it is easy to see why. Focusing often on sporting poses and figures in motion, Ed Rust's sculptures have an uplifting quality to them. They are on the one hand quite lighthearted and humorous. But then, because of that precise lightness and humour, they also seem to tap into something deeper, something which can actually make them quite moving.

A moving core

The exaggerated poses of movement contain that very playfulness which would have first led Ed Rust to start crafting his figures. But that is the kind of playfulness and innocence which can take us all back to youthful times. More than that, though, they remind us that we need not be nostalgic to think of the beauty of carefree play in our own lives - it is something which is still very much alive in each and every day if we want it to be.

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