Joy Kirton Smith Sculptures

Sculpture by Joy Kirton Smith at Sculpture Gallery

At Sculpture Gallery we feature Joy Kirton Smith limited edition solid bronze sculptures. Each piece impresses with Krton Smith's unique style that has made her one of the UK's most sought after artists today.

About Joy Kirton Smith

Artist and Sculptor Joy Kirton Smith spent her early years in Stourbridge before the family moved to the Worcestershire countryside. She lived on the banks of the River Severn which were the first inspiration for her creative spirit. Her father and elder brothers were painters and decorators who enjoyed experimenting with new techniques, materials and ideas. Their approach to their work also influenced Joy and played a major role in attracting her to artistic endeavours.

Joy Kirton attended Halesowen College where she studied fine art and then became a member of their workshop group. It was at this time that she became fascinated by drawing techniques that could capture movement and vibrancy. She was also inspired by the Italian Renaissance masters, particularly Michelangelo and his glorification of the human form. As a result there is a distinctly classical feel that pervades her work.

Joy Kirton Smith sculpture is figurative with an emphasis on movement, dance and theatre. Much of her imagery is also earthy, essential and erotic. Each piece of art is a celebration of the human form and how the tangible is inevitably part of a changing and less tangible environment. Her sculptural figures are in a state of flux and she explores ways to divorce her actors and dancers from their stage. Joy has travelled extensively to better inform her art. She has revelled in such diverse destinations as Venice, New Orleans and Grand Cayman and always returns with a souvenir which acts as a reference point.

Her work was first published in 1995 and she has enjoyed many successful exhibitions at galleries around the UK and Europe. Many of her limited edition series have become oversubscribed on release. She works in a variety of mediums but her painting and sculpture shares the same qualities of exceptional movement, the beauty of the human form and a sense of ethereal abstraction from an unexpressed stage.

For more information on Joy Kirton Smith sculpture, the pieces that we have available or new work on the horizon then please get in contact.

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