Paul Horton Sculptures

At Sculpture Gallery we are proud to stock a wonderful selection of Paul Horton sculptures and signed limited edition pieces.

About artist Paul Horton

The work of Paul Horton is always unmistakeable and possesses great allure. His sculptures are creations that draw you in and fire the imagination whilst curiously feeling comforting, homely and warm. Bursting with quirky character and originality and yet oddly familiar, his imagery is the result of a unique cocktail of inspirations.

Horton grew up in the industrial heartland of Birmingham and identifies with the working class lives of the West Midlands people. He studied at the Bourneville School of Art and then began evolving his individual style. His work is informed by his affinity with the neighbourhoods of Birmingham, his love of the myth and magic found in the work of Chagall and uniquely by a fascinating collection of period puppets he discovered at the Midland Art Centre.

Such diverse inspiration has inevitably produced Paul Horton's highly recognisable take on life. The mundane is fused with the fascinating world of imagination to produce thought provoking works that showcase the ordinary in an extraordinary way. Horton had been hailed as a modern day Lowry but in the case of the bronze sculptures that we feature here at Sculpture Gallery, his work is perhaps more reminiscent of the world of Tolkien.

The quirky characters and distorted perspectives feel like they have leapt straight out of a fantasy but remain somehow rooted in the industrial landscapes of Britain. Perhaps Birmingham is Horton's Middle Earth, a world where amazing thoughts are inspired by the most mundane sights.

The Paul Horton Bronze sculpture collection is a fine offering of signed limited editions. Each edition is limited to just 95 pieces and so presents an opportunity to own a rare treasure that will always inspire and delight in equal measure. Horton's work has garnered an enthusiastic following and once seen, it isn't difficult to understand why.

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