Marine Glass Sculpture

You will discover an outstanding collection of inspiring standing sculpture here at Sculpture Gallery. We have chosen a striking and original range of pieces and these include an impressive glass sea sculpture collection by the fabulous Bobbie Coleman.

Glass is the perfect medium

Glass is the perfect medium for marine subjects. Showcasing the colour palette, movement and iridescence of the sea, glass possesses a striking elegance and beauty. Glass standing sculpture offers a unique feel and texture which always captivates.

Marine Glass Artist - Bobbie Coleman

Bobbie Coleman was born on the outskirts of London but her family moved to Cornwall when she was eleven years old. She was inspired by her new surroundings and became fascinated by the stunning coastline of the county.

After graduating from the Bournemouth College of Art and Design Bobbie worked for design companies in London but started to evolve her own unique style. This garnered her several awards for her work. She moved on to become a lecturer at Edinburgh School of Art. She had became aware of the immense potential of glass whilst in London and now spent much time in the Glass department at the college learning to handle the medium. Bobbie then attended the Liquid Glass Centre in Bath where an advanced course enabled her to further develop her skills.

Bobbie Coleman eventually moved back to Scotland and built her own glass studio where she now creates her wonderful pieces. These reflect her love of the ocean and explore colour and texture. She works using the "warm glass" technique. Here glass is melted, sculpted and then fused with a variety of other materials to create impressive and eye catching effects.

Our collection of glass marine sculptures

At Sculpture Gallery our glass marine sculpture collection features a fabulous selection of wonderful pieces which celebrate the power, movement and colours of ocean waves and the beauty of marine inhabitants. These original and captivating pieces of marine glass sculpture would be a worthy addition to any home.

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