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Figurative Porcelain and Resin Sculptures

We always strive to bring together a collection of sculptures which offers excitement, beauty, variety and freshness. This is why we have a wide range of sculptures encompassing all sorts of themes, and adopting all sorts of styles. And right there are some superb pieces of art for you to explore. If you are a fan of those forms of sculpture which provoke and intrigue, which please the eye but ask questions of the mind, then you will be sure to get something out of this fantastic collection of figurative porcelain and resin sculptures.

A rich and wide collection

One of the great things about the depth and variety of our collections is that you will be getting access to the work of some of the very best artists in Britain today. And this is just the case with this fantastic collection of figurative sculptures. Take a look through the range and you will see pieces which reach astounding aesthetic heights. Figurative art is all about taking a subject from the real world and representing it through an artistic medium. But with these sculptures, you get the sense that it is not only real life physical subjects being represented, but moods, emotions and ideas.

Intriguing creations

The depth of the figurative art here in this range comes from the game that is created between the piece of art and the viewer. Each piece is recognisably representing something from the real world. But at the same time, the figures seem to hold back a small element with one hand, and with the other offer a snippet of story or feeling which sets the mind to engaging with it on a deeper level.

Start your journey

These excellent works of art often work together in combinations which you might have fun curating. From the solemn to the playful to the passionate and even to the humorous, there is no doubt that this range of sculptures gives you plenty of avenues to explore. For the collector, the enthusiast, and even those who are just starting their journey into the world of sculpted art, there is a lot to get excited about in this collection.

Native Spirit - Keith Sherwin (Nickel Resin Sculpture) Native Spirit - Keith Sherwin (Nickel Resin Sculpture)
Available to order
Native Spirit - Keith Sherwin (Nickel Resin Sculpture) NP By Keith Sherwin Details: Medium: Sculpture Nickel Resin Published: 2020 Edition Copies: n/a Size: 31cm x 25cm Finish: As pictured Signed:Yes - Engraved
The Bringer of Love - Mackenzie Thorpe (Cold Cast Porcelain Sculpture) The Bringer of Love - Mackenzie Thorpe (Cold Cast Porcelain Sculpture)
Available to order
The Bringer of Love - Mackenzie Thorpe (Cold Cast Porcelain Sculpture) Cold Cast Porcelain Sculpture by Mackenzie Thorpe Details: Medium: Sculpture Cold Cast Porcelain Published: Edition Copies: 195 Size: 12 x 8 inches Finish: As Pictured Signed:Yes Certificate of Authenticity Included


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