Darrell Evanes Sculpture

We are thrilled to be able to bring you a stunning collection of Darrell’s original work. Each piece is utterly fascinating and tactile. The sculptures capture moments in time and induce intense feelings of anticipation. They are stories without beginnings which inspire the viewer to contemplate the next chapter.

We invite you to explore the truly amazing sculptures of Darrell Evanes. His work is already sought after and is sure to become more so. This is the perfect time to invest in his work which would grace any room and which is absolutely guaranteed to become a talking point amongst those who experience it.

About Darrell Evanes

Born in Leeds in 1965, Darrell Evanes moved to Harrogate as a small child. He went on to study for a BTEC national in art & design at Harrogate College and then gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Sculpture at Bretton Hall, Leeds.

Darrell’s highly collectable and original sculptures are fashioned from scrap metals. He is fascinated by the materials - what they once were and what they can become in his hands. He believes that in resurrecting the metals he is creating continuity and that his work forms a bridge between the present and the past. The concept of time is central to his compositions which often feature chains to symbolise the link between different eras.

The semi-abstract forms explore both time and space. Fragments of metal capture fragments of time in sculptures which are incredibly detailed and strikingly beautiful. They are not intended to precisely reflect reality but rather to invite exploration, to provoke thought and to inspire an appreciation of life.

Darrell explores how we perceive the nature of space and time and how our perceptions are dictated by what we can see and by what we cannot. He imbues his pieces with the energy and the pull of gravity that we cannot visualise but which we know exist. Thus, each work boasts exceptional vitality and power. His sculptures are both visually stimulating and exceptionally spiritual.

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