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The Richard Cooper & Company Bronze Sculpture Collection at Sculpture Gallery

At Sculpture Gallery our range of Bronze sculpture features the work of many highly regarded and sought after artists. Amongst these artists are the UK sculptors and designers that contribute their work to the collections of Richard Cooper & Company. A collaboration that creates impressive pieces of foundry bronze sculpture in a number of collections spanning distinct themes.

About Richard Cooper & Company

Richard Cooper & Co work with a number of UK sculptors including David Geenty, Michael Simpson and others to build special collections of foundry bronze sculpture. Each artist in the company is highly regarded and well-known in their own right, but have come together under Richard Cooper & Co to create special collections with pieces that cover a variety of wildlife and countryside subjects. Common themes that you will discover are wild, domestic and farm animals, equestrian sculpture and scenes of typical countryside life.

Richard Cooper & Company release their sculptures in limited editions that span anywhere from 25 to 250 pieces. There are also some must-see open edition pieces that you will find in their Butler & Peach bronze miniatures collection.

Bronze - the Perfect Medium for Sculpture

Bronze has a timeless appeal and due to the way that it cools when cast, it is the perfect medium for sculpture. It is a tactile material with fabulous texture that perfectly highlights even the smallest details of the subject. Bronze expands slightly as it cools and sets allowing it to fill even the finest areas of the mould. As such. the wonderful subjects in Richard Cooper & Co's collections are truly transformed into life when cast in Bronze.

The talented artists of Richard Cooper & Co are so skilled at reproducing the beauty, movement and unique features of each animal or countryside scence that each sculpture seems a snap shot that perfectly captures a single moment in time.

A Varied Sculpture Collection

In the Richard Cooper & Company collections you will find a wide range of sculpture covering different genres, different sizes and of different values. The variation of the collection is such that there is sure to be a piece perfectly suited to your needs. Bronze sculpture can make a wonderful gift and with so many subjects covered it will be easy to find something that appeals.

You will find sculptures that would make excellent accent pieces to complement a home's decor or perhaps be the starting point for, or an edition to, an established sculpture collection. Certainly the Butler & Peach range of miniature bronzes from Richard Cooper & Company are highly collectable.

In the catalogue of pieces from Richard Cooper & Co your favourite animals and British countryside scenes really come to life. From the majesty of the African elephant to your favourite domestic pets and from beautiful birds to appealing frogs, this collection has something for everyone.

Each bronze sculpture comes beautifully boxed and with a certificate of authenticity.

Our Collection of Sculpture from Richard Cooper & Company

Choose from open editions, limited editions and signed limited editions from Richard Cooper & Company. As Sculpture Gallery we are delighted to showcase each and every piece and we are confident that you will be highly impressed with the entire collection.

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