Peter Smith Sculpture

Peter Smith's sculptures have been attracting many enthusiastic collectors and it's not difficult to see why. At Sculpture Gallery we have chosen a fabulous range of pieces of Smith's work, featuring both those extraordinary Impossimals and sculptures from his latest Alice-inspired collection. This range of signed, limited-edition resin sculptures immediately catch the eye and enchant.

About Peter Smith

Peter Smith is a British artist. Growing up, Smith had always been extremely creative and so he found himself painting and drawing his way through childhood. He was given his first watercolour paints and brushes at the age of nine and carried them with him wherever he went, until sadly peer pressure at secondary school saw him lay them down.

Peter Smith pursued several different careers after graduating University. He spent time as a surveyor, a computer programmer and a graphic designer but the love of art never escaped him. In 2000, with some encouragement from his wife Jayne, Smith returned to painting. It was hard to gain recognition initially but eventually his unique and endearing style engendered a rapid rise to prominence.

It is for his memorable Zeppos, also known as Impossimals, that Peter Smith is best known. These cute creatures are a unique fusion of hippopotamus and zebra-like characteristics that together produce a loveable and childlike animal. These fabulous creatures are a prominent feature in Peter Smith's sculptures and paintings. The simple lines, bold colours and whimsical nature of the Impossimals immediately strike a chord but Peter's art always boasts a deeper meaning beneath the seemingly naïve surface. Central themes of love, happiness and innocence characterise his work which also clearly exhibits the influence of Salvador Dali.

Many of Peter Smith's sculptures feature the loveable Impossimals but his latest collection has been inspired by the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Many of the popular characters from the novel feature in Smith's work including the Caterpillar, the White Rabbit and Alice herself. The collection took nine months to complete and Peter has also written a novel called Lost Alice – Wonderland Unwound to accompany the paintings and sculptures. This promises to chronicle the untold story of Alice and her adventures but in a very different kind of wonderland.

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