Wall Sculptures

The clean lines and minimalist décor of the modern interior can on occasions leave a room lacking character, interest and a suitable focal point. The right wall art can certainly make a big difference and whilst paintings and prints could be the solution, wall sculptures can create an altogether more eye catching and dramatic effect.

With wall sculptures the asymmetry, texture and the variety of materials can combine to produce a piece which really draws the eye. Interesting colours, shapes and forms are memorable and can unify the other decorative elements in the space.

Our Wall Sculpture Collection at Sculpture Gallery

At Sculpture Gallery we have a carefully chosen collection of striking wall sculptures for home interiors that certainly bring that all important and often elusive touch of flair to your rooms. The collection features stunning metallic wall sculptures and limited edition 3D wall art with character, style and originality.

Artisan House

Many of our wall sculptures are from the world renowned Artisan House collection. Artisan House was founded in California in 1964 and quickly garnered a reputation for producing inspiring pieces much favoured by leading interior designers. The C. Jeré range has perfectly bridged the inconvenient divide between extremely costly original works of art and the cheap reproductions that can be found anywhere.

The fabulous and original designs for the C. Jeré wall sculptures are created by the talented artists at Artisan House and then the best pieces are chosen for reproduction by skilled artisans. The outstanding result is a collection of wall sculptures with the stylish look and finish of a gallery piece but with highly affordable price tags.

Metal Wall Art

We are confident that you will find our metal wall art to be inspiring. The use of contrasting metals, the wonderful texture and the colour combinations bring a unique character to free form works which boast great movement. Each piece transforms with the changing light and can be at home in contemporary, rustic, Mediterranean and industrial interiors. There are many themes and forms with something to suit any space.

3D Wall Art

Our 3D Limited Edition wall art from Nic Joly will always be a talking point. His work is thought provoking and whimsical and so poses new questions every time you view it. Here the simplicity of form is juxtaposed with complex ideas to challenge you. Our collection also features a fine range of wall sculptures from Pannello. Each work is hand crafted in Italy and offers great texture, colour and the stylish design you would expect from Italian art.

Wall sculptures provide a focal point, startling contrasts and a dramatic effect that draw the eye. Geometric shapes, metallic tones, bold colours and fabulous textures lift a room and will always be a spectacular addition to any home interior.

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