Limited Edition Cat & Dog Sculpture

At Sculpture Gallery, we are lucky enough to be able to present some exquisite limited edition cat and dog sculptures. For those who are appreciators of both animals and art, these gorgeously crafted pieces would without a doubt serve as a most welcome addition to the home.

These beautiful bronze cat and dog statues have been crafted by the highly talented hands of Michael Simpson, whose skill when it comes specially to creating bronze animal themed sculptures has earned him fame and acclaim around the world.

It should come as no surprise that the man behind these simply stunning creations has had a life-long fascination with the beauty of animals, and this much comes out in these brilliant pieces of art. Working from a combination of personal observation, photography and sketches, Simpson is able to capture the essence and character of each animal he represents.

Selling his bronze masterpieces all across the globe, Michael Simpson’s sculptures are highly respected for a reason, and this can be seen in the detail and the moving quality of each piece within this collection. There are puppies, cats, border collies, labradors, sitting westies, and many other pet designs besides. Each bronze statue though carries the same powerfully realistic and charming quality.

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