Bronze Frog Sculptures

Solid Bronze Frog Sculpture Collection at Sculpture Gallery

At Sculpture Gallery we are pleased to have available a wonderful collection of Bronze frog sculptures to choose from, including those from renowned sculptor Tim Cotterill. You may have heard of Cotterill before but under another name, as he also goes by the name of 'Frogman'.

As a child, few things rival the excitement of a visit to the local pond to see the frogs and their spawn. Kids everywhere love watching the tadpoles emerge and then transform into the captivating creatures that frogs truly are. It's no wonder then that Bronze frog sculptures are in high demand, with the work of Cotterill and other artists such as Michael Simpson rising in popularity. The frog's association with good luck, fertility, magic, energy, charm and cheek also all play their part in the popularity of sculpture that mimics their form.

Frogman's Colourful Frog Sculptures

Tim 'Frogman' Cotterill has always been fascinated by frogs. He first discovered the little creatures in the woods close to his childhood home in Leicestershire. His wonderful solid bronze frog sculptures capture the whimsy and joy of the frog in limited edition pieces which are a collector's dream. Indeed his army of collectors always await a new release with much excitement and his pieces are treasured by collectors across the world. Although Cotterill has sculpted a variety of subjects he is now synonymous with those little frogs and of course is now known as the 'Frogman'!

Cotterill's gorgeous Bronze frogs begin life as a pose on a wire frame to which car body filler is added in layers and sculptured to produce the individual character. The finished model is cast in bronze at the foundry before the stunning jewel-like enamel patinas are added via a six step process. The vibrant colours combine with the fabulous facial expressions of the frogs to produce the distinctive pieces that could only be the work of the 'Frogman'. Cotterill explores every detail of his subject in his bronze frog sculptures. Their faces, webbed feet and athleticism are all showcased and accentuated by the expert use of colour. Each piece is individually finished and signed before it joins the limited edition.

Our Collection of Frog Sculptures

We are delighted to bring you Tim Cotterill's magnificent bronze frog sculptures. Whether you are keen to start a collection or are already the proud owner of the Frogman's work, we are sure that you will find the perfect pieces here at the Sculpture Gallery. We have chosen our favourite frogs to feature in the range which includes an array of stunning colours.

We know that you adore frogs and so we also feature bronze limited and open edition sculptures by renowned artist Michael Simpson. Simpson is much celebrated for his ability to capture the grace, movement and individuality of his subjects. Each piece is a captivating snapshot in time that leaves you expecting the perfectly sculpted animals to spring to life before your eyes.

Bronze frog sculptures are full of charm and wit and are sure to draw the eye. They are the perfect choice to form a striking collection which will never fail to raise a smile.

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