Sculpture Articles

A collection of informative articles all about the processes and techniques used by professional sculptors.

Lost Wax Casting Technique

Lost Wax Casting Technique - Take a look at our guide to the Lost Wax Casting technique and see how these pieces are produced.

Cold Cast Bronze Technique

Cold Cast Bronze Technique - This informative article looks at the process of the Cold Casting technique.

How to Learn to Sculpt

How to Learn to Sculpt - A short guide about some of the things that you may find you need to consider when you are thinking of how to start learning to sculpt.

How to Clean Your Bronze Sculpture

How to Clean Your Bronze Sculpture - For the most part Bronze is a hassle-free medium to enjoy. That said, this article looks at some of the things to consider if your sculptrue does require cleaning: how to clean bronze sculpture.

The Two Principles of Sculpture

The Two Principles of Sculpture - This article looks at the two principles of sculpture, Additive and Subtractive, and four basic ways to use them.

What's the best clay for sculpting at home?

Best Clay for Sculpting - In this short guide we take a look at 4 of the main types of clay that are great for sculpting; Polymer, Ceramic, Plasteline and Cold Porcelain.