Resin Sculpture

At Sculpture Gallery we have a range of Limited Edition resin sculptures available to choose from. Unlike some other sculpture mediums, resin sculpture can be brought to life with bright and brilliant colours and the pieces that you'll find here are no exception.

Resin Sculpture Artists

We have a fluid stock of artwork at Sculpture Gallery which includes a large number of Limited Edition pieces to choose from alongside Open Editions from Britain's best artists and a selection of international artists too.

Paul Horton

Paul Horton studied at the Bourneville School of Art in the West Midlands before developing his own particular style that as you will see, is characterised by his gift for imagination. Horton's work is often based on what otherwise might be a mundane scene if were not for his unique take on life and the realms of imagination.

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Peter Smith

Peter Smith is perhaps best known for his fun and whimsical 'Impossimals', a cute imaginary fusion between a hippopotamus and zebra-like animal. Smith's latest collection, the pieces from which you will find here, centre around the theme of Alice in Wonderland and were created in part to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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Kerry Darlington

Kerry Darlington is a Welsh artist and two-time winner of the Best-Selling Published Artist award. Darlington is an accomplished multiple mediums and is perhaps most famous for her vivid paintings.

During childhood Darlington was an avid reader and adored stories of adventure and fantasy. Today it's clear to see these aspects are the principal influences in her work.

Joanne Panayi

Joanne Panayi has found great success as an artist working with fine metals and silversmithing as well as a sculptor. At Sculpture Gallery we have a selection of great pieces from Panayi's 'New Shoes' collection to choose from.

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