Bronze Deer Sculptures

Solid Bronze Stag & Deer Sculpture Collection at Sculpture Gallery

At Sculpture Gallery we have a fine collection of solid bronze sculptures that celebrate the majesty of the mighty stag and the beauty of deer and fawns. The collection showcases work by Butler and Peach and the internationally renowned artist Michael Simpson. Choose from both open and limited edition pieces in this collection of Deer and Stag sculptures.

Deer are a familiar feature of the British countryside and enjoy a special place in our hearts. These striking and endearing creatures are always a joy to see and their unique nature and graceful movement has been perfectly captured in our fabulous range of solid bronze sculptures. Displayed as individual pieces or in groups, these sculptures create wonderful focal points in any room and will always draw the eye. Each piece could be the starting point for a beautiful collection and will be treasured by anyone who appreciates British wildlife.

The sculptures are created using the lost wax process and if you are unfamiliar with this then do take a look at the useful guide to lost wax casting on this site. Bronze is a fabulous medium because it expands whilst cooling and so fills every tiny detail of the mould to create pieces which highlight the unique and distinguishing features of individual animals.

Michael Simpson is particularly adept at capturing the essence of his subjects and his work always conveys the athleticism and grace of the animals. This is none truer than in his representation of Deer. Each piece depicts a single moment in time and you feel that the Deer could spring into life in front of your eyes. Simpson has always been inspired by native wildlife and many of his creations are the result of observing the creatures in the wild.

Bronze Deer sculptures have a timeless quality, elegance and beauty that never fail to please. It is the perfect medium with which to capture fine detail and to emphasize the unique character of the chosen subject. Our outstanding collection of bronze Deer and Stag sculptures features striking pieces that would make exceptional gifts for Deer or wildlife lovers.

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