Bronze Hare Sculptures

Solid Bronze Hare Sculpture Collection at Sculpture Gallery

Cast in solid bronze, we here at Sculpture Gallery are delighted to bring to you a comprehensive range of hare sculptures from some of Britain's most talented artists, including Michael Simpson and others who have contributed work to the Butler & Peach sculpture collection.

The Hare

The hare is a fascinating creature revered for its grace and athleticism. Indeed, the European hare can move as quickly as to reach speeds of up to 35 mph and can even jump as high as 3 metres. In springtime hares can be seen 'boxing' each other across the continent, antics that led to the phrase "mad as a March hare" being coined. Originally it was believed that these boxing matches involved males fighting for dominance but it transpired with research that it was in fact the female hares who were getting physical and boxing to repel the advances of the males.

Some may think it's the case that hares and rabbits are the same or at least very similar, however they are actually completely different species, although within the same family, Leporidae. You'll notice that hares are large and have very long ears by comparison, also they do not burrow and are far less social creatures. They are shy and skittish, often making off at speed at the first sign of a human. It's thought that this flighty behaviour is where the term "harebrained" comes from. All in all, the hare is an intriguing animal and one that's certainly a challenge to any artist looking to capture their spirit in bronze.

Hares in Art

Hares have been depicted in art since antiquity in both religious and secular contexts. The hare has long been a symbol of love and fertility but today it is that famous athleticism which artists are so keen to capture. It requires great skill and understanding for a sculptor to do justice in their work to the magnificent grace and movement of a hare in action. We think that you will agree that the artists who have contributed the wonderful bronze hare sculptures that you find here in our collection have done just that.

Our Collection of Bronze Hare Sculptures

We are proud to bring you an exciting collection of solid bronze hare sculptures from the Butler & Peach collection and renowned figurative sculptor Michael Simpson. Choose from open and limited edition pieces which showcase the athletic, graceful and whimsical nature of one of our best loved creatures. The stunning hare sculptures capture the very essence of their subjects in fabulous and memorable snapshots of the animals running, leaping and, of course, boxing!

Bronze hare sculptures are a wonderful investment that look striking when displayed and which can form the basis of an exciting and inspiring collection. Michael Simpson hares can also be featured alongside his other wonderful animals to great effect and are amazing gifts for family and friends. We are sure that you will treasure your chosen bronze hare sculpture and at Sculpture Gallery we will always be updating our collection with fabulous new pieces from both Butler and Peach and Michael Simpson.

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