Harriet Dunn Sculpture

If you have yet to discover the art of Harriet Dunn then you are in for a treat and even more so if you are a dog lover. Dunn's utterly charming and whimsical creations are much loved and admired across the world and we are pleased to feature a fabulous selection of cold cast bronze Harriet Dunn sculptures here at Sculpture Gallery.

About Harriet Dunn

Dunn is a self-taught sculptor with a passion for the natural world which really shines through in all of her work. She is best known for her studies of dogs which perfectly capture canine cheek, charm and mannerisms. Her subjects really are cheeky chappies packed full of character and with an amusing quality that always makes you smile. Each charming dog has a name which imbues them with yet more personality and and makes them highly collectable items. Many of the dogs are posed with an endearing head tilt whilst looking upwards as if beseeching you to take them home!

The Harriet Dunn sculpture collection explores the unique qualities of many different breeds including Labradors, Lurchers and various hounds. She perfectly captures the personalities of the animals, their expressions and their inquisitive natures. These highly affordable open edition cold cast pieces are ideal for dog lovers, indeed any animal lovers and would make for a fabulous collection to admire.

We are confident that you will be captivated by the charm of these wonderful works and that perhaps owning only one Harriet Dunn sculpture may not be quite enough, as those adorable faces do rather leave you wanting more.

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