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Call of the Sea - Duncan MacGregor (DMAC) (Signed Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture) Call of the Sea - Duncan MacGregor (DMAC) (Signed Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture)
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Call of the Sea - Duncan MacGregor (DMAC) (Signed Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture) Signed Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture by Duncan MacGregor (DMAC) Details: Medium: Bronze Sculpture Published: April 2023 Edition Copies: 150 Image Size: 17 x 24 inches Framed Size: N/A Finish: As Pictured Signed:Yes Certificate of Authenticity Included
Salmon Pair (975) - Keith Sherwin (Limited Edition Bronze Sculpure) Salmon Pair (975) - Keith Sherwin (Limited Edition Bronze Sculpure)
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Salmon Pair (975) - Keith Sherwin (Limited Edition Bronze Sculpure) Limited Edition Bronze Sculpure by Keith Sherwin Details: Medium: Bronze Sculpure Limited Edition Published: 42979 Edition Copies: 150 Size: 11 x 19cm - Weight 665g Finish: As Pictured Signed:Yes - Engraved Certificate of Authenticity Included

About our Marine Sculpture Collection

If you are a lover of the natural world and of sculpture, then this collection will certainly have a lot for you to get excited about. We have a wide range of all sorts of nature-themed sculptures, and here we take the plunge into the oceans. This collection shows you how sculpture can be used by highly skilled artists to explore the beauty of those creatures whose home is the sea. Made out of bronze, these long-lasting pieces of art will add a bit of (marine) life to any space.

arine themed artwork

The sea holds an endless fascination for artists across all sorts of different disciplines and it's easy to see why. There is something awe-inspiring about the sea which cuts through the present-day's distractions and brings us back to the strange magic of being alive and being an active part of the natural world. This collection of marine life bronze sculptures will be the place to return to when you want to see how some of our finest sculptors interpret the curious beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants.

Fish sculptures

If you live by the coast, or have an affinity with the seaside, then a piece of finely sculpted marine artwork might fit perfectly into your home. Similarly, we think that one of these artworks would be ideal as a gift to a friend or family member who is passionate about the ocean. Central among the concern of all marine life sculptors is how to capture the beauty and freedom of fish. Sculpture has that odd quality of being able to express a sense of great movement in a still scene and we think this particularly lends itself to the portrayal of fish.

Sculpture is the perfect medium for the marine subject

Somehow capturing the movement of the creatures perfectly, the magic of sculpture is to make this act of portraying the subject look completely natural and easy. The skill that has gone into doing what needs to be done to make sure that every small detail is right takes a lifetime of practice. Thankfully, we don't have to go through those years of practice to be able to enjoy the sublime end result.


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