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Solid Bronze Figurative Sculpture Collection at Sculpture Gallery

At Sculpture Gallery we showcase a fabulous collection of figurative sculptures in solid bronze. These include the work of many highly regarded artists. Artists like Alexander Miller, Jennine Parker, Carl Payne and Michael Simpson to name just a few. Their exceptional skills produce fascinating studies which celebrate the beauty of the human form, the power of movement, the grace of dancers and the unique nature of the individual.

Bronze is the perfect medium to bring the figurative creations of great artists to life. Bronze is a uniquely beautiful and tactile material. Bronze expands as it cools and sets and so fills even the smallest details of the mould. This ensures that the finished piece is exactly as the artist intended and conveys every nuance of the subject.

The limited edition bronze sculptures in our range are fine collectors' pieces which always draw the eye. They can create a striking focal point for the home or form part of a collection that would provide interest, texture and a talking point for any room.

You cannot help but be captivated by the extraordinary creations of Alexander Miller. His subjects are ordinary working class people that are distinctly themselves and yet speak for everyone. In his paintings his characters tend to have their backs turned but in his wonderful figurative sculptures you can get to know them far better. There is a humour to his work and yet Miller manages to summon every emotion through body language and clothing.

Joy Kirton Smith's work places the emphasis on movement, dance and theatre. Her style and imagery is erotic whilst earthy. Each piece celebrates the human form and how we and our environment are in a constant state of flux. Her actors and dancers are divorced from their stage in fascinating sculptures that always command your attention.

Paul Horton's sculpture is the result of diverse inspirations which have produced his highly individual take on the world. In his creations the ordinary is fused with the world of imagination to produce pieces that are always thought provoking. The mundane becomes extraordinary in the art of Paul Horton.

Another of our artists, Neil Welch, has the ability to captivate and inspire with his artistic gift. His figurative work is so beautiful and clearly always a labour of love. His romantic and evocative sculptures are in great demand with editions quickly selling out as he is one of the most talented artists working in Britain today.

Our fine collection of solid bronze figurative sculptures features a variety of styles and subjects, each with special qualities and being the work of a leading artist. You will find the perfect piece for your home at Sculpture Gallery and a wonderful choice of exceptional gifts for the discerning art lover.

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