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Solid Bronze Wildlife Sculpture Collection at Sculpture Gallery

At Sculpture Gallery we have a large range of Bronze wildlife sculptures from the collections of some truly great artists. Amongst our artists you'll find a great number of British talents as well as those from a little further afield. Find a beautiful solid Bronze representation of your favourite wildlife subject here today.

Bronze is a unique and much loved medium. Its texture and tactile feel perfectly showcases wildlife subjects and it undoubtedly has a timeless quality to be treasured. Bronze is in so many ways the perfect medium. Bronze alloys expand as they cool and so fill even the smallest details of the moulds. This means that the finest details of artists' work are reflected in finished pieces. Bronze sculptures capture movement, expression, character and texture beautifully and in particular bring wildlife subjects' vividly to life.

It is of no surprise, then, that so many enthusiasts are keen to build on their collections of bronze sculptures. At Sculpture Gallery our outstanding collection features a fabulous and diverse range of solid bronze wildlife sculptures that show-off the exceptional talents of world renowned artists. We are delighted to feature the work of Michael Simpson, Butler and Peach, Richard Cooper and Tim Cotterill (the Frogman) amongst others. A variety of subjects are reflected in this collection including a spectrum of our planet's diverse and enchanting wildlife.

Solid bronze sculptures capture the unique characteristics of our favourite animals. Our range includes great studies of British wildlife including badgers, hares and foxes. You will also discover more exotic species such as Bengal tigers, elephants and meerkats and more. You are sure to find pieces here that display your favourite animals in such a way that you can't help but to be enchanted them and the talents of their creators.

Bronze sculptures can play an effective role in the interior design of a room and can be used as fabulous accent pieces that draw the eye. Certain sculptures can even be grouped together sometimes for even greater effect. Alternatively, a solid bronze sculpture could provide a striking centre piece or focal point for any room.

Whether you are looking for one special piece featuring a wildlife subject that is close to your heart or you are looking to supplement your collection, we are confident that you will find a fabulous sculpture in the Sculpture Gallery range that could take pride of place in your home or make a wonderful gift.

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