Jennine Parker Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture by Artist Jennine Parker

Here at Sculpture Gallery we have available a number of fabulous examples Jennine Parker sculpture and recent limited edition sculptures.

We all struggle to achieve the right work-life balance but imagine trying to maintain not one but two successful careers. It might sound like an impossible task but successful British artist Jennine Parker also runs a graphic design company with aplomb. She is a talented and dedicated woman who produces inspiring work and we are pleased to feature her outstanding bronze sculptures in our collection here at Sculpture Gallery.

There is no doubt that Jennine Parker's sculptures instantly draw the eye and invite further investigation. She has a passion for creating movement, shape and texture in her work which boasts a tactile quality that demands exploration. You want to simply reach out and run your hands carefully over each piece in order to understand the creation on a deeper level.

Jennine Parker's inspiration is the world around her in general and the female form and the effects of weather erosion in particular. Her pieces glory in the beauty of a fantasy female form with luxuriant lines and incredible grace. In many works the feminine figure is combined with textured elements reminiscent of eroded rocks and crumbling cliffs. The contrast is dramatic and yet feels right, highlighting the beauty and striking movement of the human form alongside the raw nature of weathered material. Perhaps it is this very juxtaposition which fascinates and demands a closer look.

Parker's work is bursting with interesting shapes, forms and lines together with an appealing use of texture which sets her work apart. Her figurative subjects are certainly in great demand and perfectly fuse traditional bronze with a contemporary style and unique imagery. We are absolutely delighted to showcase a wonderful collection of limited edition pieces by this impressive Warwickshire artist and we have no doubt that her reputation will continue to grow both in Britain and across the world.

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