PintDecor Wall Sculpture

Modern interiors often feature clean lines and a minimalist approach that can leave a room lacking character or a suitable focal point. This can especially be true in spaces featuring only neutral tones an is where PintDecor wall sculpture can come in. Decorative accessories and art work can make all the difference and add that all-important drama to a room. At Sculpture Gallery we have a fine collection of outstanding wall art for you and we are delighted to showcase the striking pieces from PintDecor.

About PintDecor

PintDecor is a fabulous collection of innovative wall art utilising new techniques and interesting materials to really striking effect. Each piece is hand-made and hand embellished in Italy and great care is taken to use only eco-friendly materials and paints. PintDecor wall art explores the limitless possibilities of texture, colour and 3 dimensional forms in original designs which truly draw the eye. Structure, asymmetry, colour and texture combine in memorable works to savour.

Bold wall art forms a focal point and can unify the elements of a room to create the perfect balance. It can be so hard to source the right pieces that boast the flair and character you need to transform a space but we are sure that you will discover many exciting options in the PintDecor range. The beautiful wall art and wall sculptures include classical and contemporary looks with ethnic influences, metallic elements and a liberal dose of Italian design genius.

At Sculpture Gallery we are thrilled to showcase the PintDecor collection of Italian wall art. This stunning range offers the originality and exceptional design flair of costly bespoke artwork but at prices that enable you to treat yourself today. This is art that can transform your home in an instant and provide a talking point for years to come.

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