Standing Sculpture

If you love art, and sculpture in particular, then we know that you will find great enjoyment and inspiration in our range of standing sculptures which covers a broad selection of subjects, tastes and styles.

At Sculpture Gallery we are proud to have available artwork from some of the world's most highly regarded and talented artists. Our collection is incredibly diverse and features traditional and contemporary pieces, figurative work, wildlife studies, humour and more. You will discover standing sculptures created in a variety of mediums including glass, resin and of course, bronze.

Sculpture can make fabulous addition to a home. Individual pieces can be used as striking focal points and centre-pieces, whilst collections can perfectly reflect passions and interests. Bringing texture, colour and charm to any space, standing sculptures will always draw the eye. If you are searching for the perfect standing sculpture for your home or collection then it's highly likely you'll find something specifically appealing to you here at Sculpture Gallery.

Solid Bronze Sculpture

Bronze sculpture possesses a timeless quality and special beauty that is unrivalled. Bronze is a fabulous medium which wonderfully captures the finest details of the subjects and produces and end piece that reflects the brilliance of the artist's original work. You will find wildlife studies, figurative works, still life, equestrian themes and sporting pieces in our bronze standing sculpture range. You will appreciate the work of artists such as David Geenty, Tim Cotterill, Michael Simpson and Carl Payne to name just a few.

View our Solid Bronze Sculpture.

Glass Standing Sculpture

Bobbie Coleman's experimental techniques produce striking pieces that explore colour and texture. Her glass sculptures are fashioned using the "warm glass" technique which enables Bobbie to fuse glass with other materials and to mould the glass to deliver stunning effects. Her marine subject matter is of universal appeal. Glass as a medium for standing sculpture brings with it a feeling of nature.

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Porcelain Sculpture

Amongst our range of standing Porcelain sculputre you will find the whimsical work of Rebecca Lardner. Lardner's artwort is incredibly charming, boasting a great sense of life and movement, and often featuring coastal themes. She has been dubbed the modern LS Lowry in spite of the fact that her art is inspired by the South of England rather than Lowry's own industrial North. Rebecca's porcelain standing sculptures are much loved and are collected extensively.

View our Porcelain Sculpture.

Resin Standing Sculpture

Our fabulous collection of resin and cold cast bronze standing sculpture features the work of such highly regarded artists as Paul Jenkins, Harriet Dunn and Peter Smith. With wildlife studies, farmyard animals, figurative pieces and naïve work to choose from you are sure to find the perfect pieces in our range.

View our Resin Sculptures.

Limited Editions

Our fine collection of standing sculptures includes both open and limited editions. The limited editions vary in nature and each listing identifies the precise number of pieces in the edition. Limited editions give you the opportunity to collect and own exclusive pieces which it may be difficult to source in the future.

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