Humorous Limited Edition Sculptures

There is a fantastic collection here of humorous limited edition sculptures right here, all of which would serve as a cheerful and warm addition to any home. We have specially chosen the pieces in this range because we think that they have something about them which can’t fail to raise a smile. Have a look at this gorgeous range and you will see some sculptures which are as characterful as they are well made.

From Humpty Dumpty, Alice in Wonderland to Mad as a Hatter, these sculptures really do fizz with an irrepressible energy which is glorious to see. These would be a great gift to someone who appreciates finely crafted pieces of art for the home and also has a partiality to the more whimsical side of things.

Many of these sculptures would also be loved by children as well as adults, bringing with them a lovely feeling of joy and wonder which would add a special feel to wherever it is that they will be placed.

These pieces have been created by talented figures such as Alexander Miller, Doug Hyde, Kerry Darlington and Peter Smith, you will be impressed by the level of detail and the vividness of the colours in this fantastic range.

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