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Standing Solid Bronze Sculpture Collection at Sculpture Gallery

At Sculpture Gallery we are proud to showcase the work of many highly regarded artists in our stunning collection of solid bronze standing sculptures. Michael Simpson, Jennine Parker, David Geenty, Carol Payne, Louise Peterson and many more bring the character and movement of wildlife, domestic animals and the human form to life in their beautiful studies which would grace any home.

Bronze is a unique and fabulous medium with the timeless appeal, tactile qualities and texture that perfectly highlight the smallest details of any subject. Bronze alloys expand slightly as they set filling the finest elements of any mould and ensuring that every feature is vividly brought to life. Our outstanding sculptors perfectly capture a single moment in timeless pieces of solid bronze that truly speak for themselves.

Solid bronze sculptures are wonderful accent pieces that draw the eye and can also be grouped to great effect. Whether you are searching for one special piece, a subject close to your heart or are adding to your collection, we are sure that you will find a fabulous sculpture in our range to take pride of place in your home or to become a treasured gift.

You can celebrate the wildlife of the British countryside with stunning studies of our favourite animals and birds. The collection also features solid bronze equestrian sculptures, farm animals and the glory of international wildlife including elephants, giraffes, pandas, penguins and the charm of gorgeous meerkats. We haven't forgotten your favourite pets either and you will find characterful solid bronze dogs and cats perfectly captured in special moments. For something gloriously unique and memorable you can do no better than a colourful piece by Tim Cotterill (Frogman) whose fabulous frog sculptures are coveted worldwide.

From the magical movement of a Carl Payne dancer to the majesty of a Butler and Peach elephant, our solid bronze sculpture collection features open edition, limited edition and signed limited edition pieces to treasure. If you are building a collection then do visit us often to discover the new and exciting additions to our range. Each memorable solid bronze sculpture is carefully chosen by our expert team and will surprise and delight all who see it.

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