Flower Wall Art

At Sculpture Gallery you have an outstanding range of flower wall art to choose from, including these striking floral wall sculptures that will always catch and draw the eye. Our exceptional flower-inspired wall art, including incredible pieces from Pint décor, will bring individuality and flair to your spaces without you having to do any decorating at all.

It's true to say that contemporary interiors can lack personality with their clean lines and minimalist decorative approach. Pattern and colour could make all the difference, however both wallpaper and paint effects can be labour intensive features and you need to leave these behind should you move house or re-purpose the room.

Wall sculpture is a great alternative to wallpapers, paints and other forms of art as it creates immediate impact. Flower wall art will bring texture and form to your spaces and can be subtle or eye catching to suit. Sculpture is exciting and offers greater life and depth than two dimensional images. The appearance of a piece of sculpture can change with the light and so they can deliver different effects throughout the day. A striking choice, wall sculpture will always attract attention and create a unique feel for your home.

If you love the idea of three dimensional art but lack the floor or display space to accommodate standing sculptures, then wall sculpture is for you. When floor space is at a premium, think upwards and utilise your walls effectively. Wall art delivers impact without taking up any of your valuable space and it's portable, so you can reuse it if needed in another room or take it with you when it is time to move.

Sometimes a single piece of art can completely transform a room and our range of floral wall sculpure offers many opportunities to do this. If your contemporary spaces are missing that certain something, then take a closer look at our floral range or see our full metal wall art collection.

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