Metal Wall Art

Contemporary interiors with their clean lines, minimalism and restrained use of both colour and pattern can lack interest. Bare walls appear characterless and Spartan and will be crying out for the right metal wall art to add personality and a focal point to the space. Paintings and prints may solve the problem but you can also create a really dramatic effect by using metal wall sculptures.

The asymmetry, texture and scale of a wall sculpture draw the eye and breathes life into the room. Materials and form combine to produce striking and memorable centre pieces and the colours and shapes in the designs can be used to unify a decorative scheme.

At Sculpture Gallery we have a fabulous and striking collection of metal wall art to add that touch of flair and creativity to your home. Many of the pieces we offer are from the world renowned Artisan House collection which has been producing stunning wall art from its base in California for 70 Years.

Artisan House was founded in 1964 and quickly gained a superlative reputation for producing inspiring sculptures. Favoured by many leading designers and discerning householders, the C. Jeré range from Artisan House neatly bridges the gap between costly original works of art and the mass produced pieces that you see everywhere . The original designs for the C. Jeré sculptures are created by the exceptional artists at Artisan House and the best works are then chosen for reproduction by skilled artisans. The result is a collection of superlative sculptures with the stylish look and finish of a gallery piece but with surprisingly affordable price tags.

The Appeal of Metal Wall Art

We are sure that you will find our metal wall art collection inspiring. The skilled use of contrasting metals, texture and colour in a variety of defined and free form creations produces works of great movement which burst with life as the light hits them. These are works which transform in character and appearance throughout the day as the light changes and are equally at home in contemporary, rustic, Mediterranean and industrial decorative schemes. Our pieces have been chosen for their exceptional design and quality finish and the collection features a diverse range of styles, shapes and colours together with abstract, botanical and marine themes.

Whether you are using the metallic elements to complement your interior décor or to provide a startling contrast, the effect is equally dramatic. Geometric shapes, cooper tones, gold highlights, earthy hues and bold colours all abound and there is sure to be the perfect piece to provide a spectacular addition to your home. If you love metal wall art you will also adore our stunning standing sculptures in a variety of styles and don't forget to visit our special offers page where you will find a great selection of original works and signed limited editions.

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