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Salvador Dali Bronze Sculptures

Salvador Dalí Sculptures

There can be few artists whose work is as readily recognised as that of Salvador Dalí. Dalí was a unique, eccentric and grandiose character whose canon of work produced some of the most enduring images of 20th century Art. At Sculpture Gallery we are proud to have available limited edition sculptural pieces of Dalí's work that includes some of his most iconic surrealist visions.

About artist Salvador Dalí

Dalí was born in 1904 in Catalonia, Spain. His artistic endeavours were supported and nurtured by his mother after his talent had begun to show at an early age. Indeed his work was first exhibited when he was just 14 years old.

Dalí's early work was heavily influenced by the contemporary artists he admired including Picasso. He experimented with cubism but fellow Catalan Miró introduced him to surrealist friends and Dalí began to develop his own memorable surrealist style which was influenced by Dada, renaissance art and modernist techniques. He had become fascinated with the Surrealists' attempts to capture dreams and delusions in art.

In 1929 Dalí met his lifelong muse and future wife Gala, a Russian immigrant who was 10 years his senior. Shortly after meeting Gala Dalí's work began to attract international attention and praise. French poet and art critic AndrĂ© Breton, the leader of the Surrealist movement, said that Dalí's name was "synonymous with revelation in the most resplendent sense of the word". Some of his most iconic works of art are featured in our Salvador Dalí sculpture collection, including "soft watches" made famous by his 1931 painting "The Persistence of Memory" and Elephants, a recurring theme of Dalí's that first appeared in his work in 1944, amongst others immediately recognisable images.

As Dalí's career progressed he was frequently criticised for self-promotion and an obsession with money which he made no attempt to deny. Many critics have voiced the opinion that his work after 1939 was worthless whilst others feel that he did produce masterpieces later in life, albeit not quite on a par with some of his earlier work. After years of ill health Salvador Dalí died in 1989 aged 84. He always divided opinion but then he was at least a figure about whom everybody always had an opinion! Eccentric dilettante or perhaps along with Picasso and Matisse, one of the three greatest artists of the 20th century? You decide.

At Sculpture Gallery we have a great selection of limited edition Salvador Dalí sculptures to choose from. For further information including price, please enter your email address on the relevant product page to make an enquiry.

Alice in Wonderland - Salvador Dali (Solid Bronze Lost Wax Process Sculpture) Alice in Wonderland - Salvador Dali (Solid Bronze Lost Wax Process Sculpture)
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Alice in Wonderland - Salvador Dali (Solid Bronze Lost Wax Process Sculpture) Solid Bronze Lost Wax Process Sculpture by Salvador Dali Details: Medium: Solid Bronze Lost Wax Process Sculpture Year of Release: Conceived in 1977, First Cast 1984 Edition Copies: 350 + 35 EA Image Size:Height 90.5cm Framed Size: N/A Finish: Patina Blue Signed:Official Seal Certificate of Authenticity:Yes


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