Abstract Wall Sculpture

At Sculpture Gallery we offer a truly stunning collection of abstract wall sculpture. Our carefully chosen pieces combine colour, texture, shape and unique design to produce exceptional art that would become a stand out feature of any home.

Bland contemporary interiors can be transformed by the inclusion of exclusive pieces of art such as those here at Sculpture Gallery and interiors already beautifully designed will find themselves only complemented. Amongst our range is a selection of handmade sculptures from Panello (Pint Décor) that are sure to never disappoint.

Traditional forms of art present the viewer with a composition that communicates a message or a story through representational and recognisable imagery. Abstract art steps away from this, using an entirely different kind of language. Here shapes, forms, lines and colours combine to create a visual interpretation of the subject matter rather than a representation of it. The forms and colours are partnered by the artist's emotional input to convey the meaning of the piece or to inspire a particular response in the viewer.

Abstract art is typically bold, eye catching and open to interpretation. It is, therefore, perfect for creating a focal point in any space which then often develops to also become a talking point of conversation. The medium of wall sculpture takes abstract art to the next level by offering texture and a third dimension. Abstract wall sculpture is striking and dramatic which makes it a memorable and original feature for the home.

Wall sculpture can be used to add interest, colour and texture to any room. If you would consider a room too bland then a sculpture may be a solution as it has the ability to instantly lift an environment. If you have a large expanse of wall space that needs to be broken up or you simply wish to incorporate a focal point, abstract wall sculpture could be the solution that you are looking for. The right pieces will continue to fascinate. Abstract designs can inspire different emotions each time you see them.

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