Lluís Jordà Sculpture

Fusing contemporary and classical qualities, the evocative sculptures of Lluís Jordà boast a wonderfully romantic feel. Honouring the impressive Catalan artistic tradition, his work is highly collectable. Timeless and expressive, the figurative sculptures would be eye-catching features of any interior.

Born in Barcelona, Lluís studied art at the Arts and Crafts School in the city. He then attended the renowned Academia Baixis before travelling abroad to expand his horizons. After living in Switzerland, France and Germany for many years, he returned to Spain to attend the workshop of Guerau Calabia where he enhanced his understanding of sculpting techniques. He was then able to create the stunning work which brought his ideas and concepts to life.

Lluís Jordà has exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid and many European countries. His work is to be found in private collections across the continent. At Sculpture Gallery, we are pleased to feature a striking collection of his open edition resin sculptures. The dancers and nudes are both sensual and refined. There is an incredible sense of movement and emotion in each figurative piece which we are sure you will find captivating.

Creating a wonderful focal point for any room, the inspiring work of Lluís Jordà would be an excellent investment. We invite you explore this unique collection and to choose a piece which you will always treasure.

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