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At Sculpture Gallery we are proud to stock an extensive collection of Michael Simpson Bronze sculpture for you to choose from. Our range features appealing pieces that cover a wide range of animal and countryside subjects, so there's sure to be something from this world-renowned sculptor to appeal to you.

About the artist

Although Michael Simpson attended Staffordshire Polytechnic to study fine art it was the fabulous artistic heritage of the region which really inspired him in his craft. Simpson is a native of Stoke on Trent and as a young man was fascinated by the talented artisans of the potteries and the wares that they produced.

Capturing the character of his subjects

Simpson's highly regarded figurative bronze sculptures form a fabulous series in which he manages to capture and highlight the athleticism of the subjects, their astonishing grace and the joy of a single moment in time. You always feel that if you turned away for a few seconds the animals will have come to life, such is the character that Simpson demonstrates in his bronze artwork.

Michael Simpson models in both wax and clay preferring the freedom of the latter and the way it lends itself to spontaneity in the creative process. Few artists can claim Simpson's ability to capture the very essence of such a diverse variety of animals. His work features domestic dogs, birds of prey, British wildlife and the astonishing mammals of the African Savannah. He utilises art, photographs and his own observations to design his pieces.

Michael Simpson and Richard Cooper & Co

Richard Cooper & Co works with UK sculptors to create collections of foundry bronze pieces. One of their most celebrated artists is Michael Simpson. Simpson's work has contributed to many of Richard Cooper & Co's collections including Butler & Peach, their extremely popular range of miniature bronzes. At Sculpture Gallery you can browse all of our Richard Cooper & Co bronze and Butler and Peach miniature bronzes in their own dedicated categories.

Recurring Themes

Michael Simpson is a master modeller. His work concentrates on British wildlife, countryside scenes, domestic animals and subjects from further afield. Within Simpson's collections there are a few recurring themes that are extremely popular. Whilst browsing our range, look out for Michael Simpson's hares, owls and conkers in particular and you will see exactly why collectors love this sculptor.

Our Collection of Bronze Sculptures from Michael Simpson

We are thrilled to feature the bronze sculptures of Michael Simpson here at Sculpture Gallery. Many of the pieces in the collection are limited editions and there are a wide range of subjects to enjoy including dogs, tigers, African elephants and British Wildlife. His Bengal Tiger looks ready to attack, his border collie is in the heart of the action and you can really feel the vulnerability of his fawn. Your mind draws an entire landscape from a single figure.

It is very easy to understand Michael Simpson's incredible popularity. His love of his craft is obvious and his understanding of his subjects impressive. The heritage materials give the sculptures a timeless style and sense of energy that would be a fabulous addition to any home.

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